Parish Council

The Parish Council assists the Priest in all aspects of Church operations, especially in managing finances and organizing ministries. This is a sacred ministry and is open to all members of the Parish who are in good spiritual and financial standing, having been members for at least one full year. It is made up of nine members who serve three-year terms each, and three ex-officio members who are the leaders of the Ladies, Teen SOYO, and the Church school.

Ladies Society

The St. George Ladies Society is the local chapter of the Antiochian Women of our Archdiocese. Our women are faithful and dedicated and serve our parish in several capacities:

  • To develop among women a spirit of Christian leadership, awareness, and commitment as taught in the Holy Orthodox Church.
  • To foster a genuine expression of love and service through works of charity.
  • To instill a sense of fellowship and a deeper understanding of the heritage and traditions of the Antiochian Archdiocese and the Orthodox Christian Faith.
  • To sponsor spiritual and social gatherings for both the women of the Church and the Parish at large.
  • To manage Coffee Hour following the Liturgy.
  • To hold fundraisers for various purposes and needs of the Parish

Church School

The Church school program includes students from preschool to High school. The children meet on Sundays (and sometimes other special project days), usually following Holy Communion in the Divine Liturgy. Volunteers are needed at all levels to teach the program curriculum of the Christian Education Department of our Archdiocese.

Men’s Fellowship

St. George’s Men’s Fellowship is an Organization of the Church run by men of our parish for the purpose of ministry, spirituality, fellowship, and service to our church and to the community. They usually meet once a month for shared spirituality and fellowship, always under the direction and guidance of the parish priest.


Teen SOYO (The Society of Orthodox Youth Organizations) was founded by his Eminence Metropolitan PHILIP in 1969 as an Archdiocese Youth Movement. For decades Teen SOYO has inspired Youth to Love Christ, His Church, and to seek His Truth and Life. Teen SOYO creates leaders for tomorrow strengthened by Christ. Being a Christian is not just reserved for Sundays but rather it is every day of the week and every second of the day. SOYO unites teens in the Church and the dioceses through faith.  All SOYO members learn what it means to be a Christian in this new technological world. They also learn to help the church, the community, and their families.  


There are two ministries of music in the Orthodox Church. Chanters, and Choir members. While there are some Orthodox jurisdictions, such as the Greek Orthodox Church, which have approved the use of musical instruments (the organ), this is not the case in the Antiochian Church. All music is sung acapella, by the human voice. The chanter is one who sings hymns individually, according to the tradition of our Church, which is Byzantine musical notation. The Choir is an ensemble of voices, who usually sing only in the Divine Liturgy, and do so also according to Byzantine musical tradition. If one is blessed with a pleasant voice, and the ability to sing well, he/she should consider serving the Church in this capacity.