Trisagion and Funeral Services for the Departed

When an Orthodox Christian person falls asleep in Christ, the priest should be contacted immediately to come to perform the Trisagion Service and anoint the body. This is the first step of many, in order to give the person a dignified and respectful send-off to the Bosom of Abraham. After this, the body should be taken to the morgue, and prepared for the funeral. The family will make arrangements with the priest for the date and time of the funeral and let him know if they wish for him to announce this to the entire Parish. It is also acceptable to have another Trisagion Service (which means Thrice Holy, referring to the way this service begins, with “Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, etc.), on the Eve before the Funeral, also known as the Trisagion with Viewing. This is also an opportunity for the family member to say their remembrances of the departed. PLEASE NOTE: In the Orthodox Tradition, only the priest gives a eulogy of the separated in the funeral proper. The funeral is then prayed for on the next day. This takes about 45 minutes. Then, the body is transported to the burial site, where another Trisagion service is prayed just before the body is buried. For any further questions on this process, please contact the priest.